IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 - Patch 4.11

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IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 - Patch 4.11

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Patch 4.11 f&uuml;r <strong>IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 </strong>

-The current version 4.11 is not compatible with the previous versions of the flight simulator when playing over the network (Online). Both the server and client must have the appropriate versions in order to connect.
-Version 4.11 is only for a merged 1946 version of the simulator of the proper version (FB+AEP+PF).
-The IL-2 1946 add-on v.4.11 installs only over v.4.10m or 4.10.1
-Please note that this add-on is impossible to install over stand alone Pacific Fighters.

Content of 4.11
<strong>Main Features:
</strong>-6DoF support with over 100 fixed cockpits
-AI improvements
-Improved radiator & overheat modeling
-Difficulty option changes
-Bomb fuzes
-Stationary plane spawning
-Reworked bomb damage
-Control surface & pilot's head positions transferred over network
-Mouse wheel zoom
-Bombing commands
-Additional waypoint parameters

<strong>New Flyable Planes:
-TB-7 M40
-Fw 190 A-4 1.42 ATA
-Mosquito XVIII "Tse-Tse"

<strong>New AI Planes:
-Hs 123
-Cant Z 506B
-Ki-45 Kai Hei
-Ki-45 Kai Tei

<strong>New ground units:</strong>
-Autoblindo AB 41
-Carro Armato L6-40
-Carro Armato 13-40
-Semovente 47-32
-Semovente 75-18-40
-Crusader III
-Several new groups and companies based on existing tanks & vehicles

<strong>Other small Changes & Improvements:
</strong>-Smart axis
-Improved parasite drag for external weapons & fuel tanks
-Alternative default skins (country/date/regiment specific)
-Additional icon options
-New FMB features (show spawn points & recent files)
-Track recording indicator
-Added two new camouflage nets
-Added new screen shot options
-Added new AM radio stations "Radio Tokyo" & "Radio Paris"
-Changed bomb/torpedo logic so that they do damage online even if &ldquo;owner&rdquo; dies before detonation
-Added bomb & rocket random seed propagation over network
-Improved bomb ballistics code
-Added ability to jettison bombs with unlimited ammo
-Added new head shake effects to pilots & gunners
-Added DGEN mission date workaround
-Fixed wrong alpha layers in H-75 damage texture
-Fixed cockpit positions of IL-10, Ki-43, Ki-61, MC.202, Me-163 & P-47D-10 (position of cockpit related to external 3D model)
-Corrected MC.200 Serie I canopy
-Removed SBD oil cooler damage from wing hit
-Prevented dead AI pilot from talking on radio
-Fixed indestructible I-16 parts
-Fixed Hurricane Mk IIb & c radiator damage
-Added working blind landing instrument to Mosquito cockpit
-Fixed wrong skins of bailed out pilots/gunners
-Prevented ejection seat usage on ground since that would only kill the pilot using it
-Changes to darkness of night
-Rudder and Elevator have different speed thresholds now
-Full throttle altitude is pressure altitude now
-Improvements with automatic charger change
-Changes to Hurricane FM
-Changes to F6F FM
-Changes to F4U FM
-Changes to Fw 190 & Ta 152 FM
-Changes to Ki-27 FM
-Changes to DB-3 and IL-4 FM
-Changes to Pe-8 FM
-Changes to flap workings on Hurricane
-Changes to flap workings on F6F
-Changes to flap workings on F4F and FM-2
-Minor changes to Spitfire FM (WEP workings)
-Change to P-47 bomb loadouts
-Addition of 2x500lb bombs to Hurricane IIb bomb loadouts
-Addition of bomb loadouts to Hurricane IIc
-Addition of 8x60lb rockets to Mosquito VI
-Addition of no outer cannon loadout to Fw 190A-4 & A-5
-Addition of 250 kg bomb and droptank loadouts to Fw 190A-8 & A-9
-Fixed many translation
-Fixed faulty regiments
-Fixed wrong fuselage codes for No 601 Sqn RAF and No 478 Sqn RNZAF
-Added missing Italian bomber regiments and No. 1 Sqn RAAF regiment
-Fixed missing test runway shadows
-Changed FoV of few Russian bomb sights so that the indicators are visible at the bottom & top of the screen
-Prevented airfield lights on request going to wrong airport in case there is airfield with no lights near player
-And many more small tweaks&hellip;

Daidalos Team would like to thank following people:
1stCL Fucida for FW190 info and testing
302_Corsair for Polish localization
Alan Grey for testing
Andric for localization and testing
Antti-Pekka Tuovinen for testing and Winter War campaigns
Beebop for B-17 skin
Birdman for mesh file fixes
Chris Blair for Corsair skin
Cpt_Farrel for all German skins
Emel for all Finnish & Mustang skins
Falkon for DS devicelink testing and ideas
Faustnik for Fw 190 references
Ian Boys for testing
IceFire for missions and testing
Indy for testing
Irina Zhitnik for new ground units
Italo for CantZ.506 skin
Jason for TBD-1
JP_Dore for French localization
Jofe for Ju-88 mission
Lavo for testing
Letka 13, BP and AH squadrons for testing
Mark Shaw for Mosquito skin
Monguse for Mosquito Tse Tse
Palo for testing
Roman Boiko for testing
Sergey "Vert" Kubyshkin for IL-4
Terry Stetler for testing
Toci for testing
Turelio for IK-3
VGR MaP for important bugreport
Wheelsup_cavu for Midway quick missions
Whiton Erikson for testing
Zimbower for IK-3
Zoltan Nagy for Hungarian localization

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