Trials Evolution - Patch 1.03

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Trials Evolution - Patch 1.03

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Patch 1.03 für <strong>Trials Evolution: Gold Edition</strong>

<strong>Fixes in update 1.0.3:</strong>
-Fixed multiple crash issues in multiplayer.
-Made a number of general performance optimizations and fixes throughout the game to increase performance for all players, as well as make the Video settings far more useful.
-Added support for lower resolution particles to increase performance in levels with many particle effects, especially on lower and mid-level hardware.
-Moved higher resolution particles to Advanced effects.
-Removed water reflections from Advanced effects.
-Made it possible to unlock Lab Rat squirrel with keyboard.
-Added trigger icons to map voting screen when using a game pad in multiplayer.
-Fixed issue with shadows flickering occasionally.
-Fixed occasional text and label positioning issues in editor.
-Fixed Object selector in the editor not opening by pressing space bar if an object was selected.
-Fixed Scorpion's French localization.

<strong>Fixes in server side update:</strong>
-Fixed an issue with the Test Your Might tournament not recording times to the leader board.
-Fixed a problem with wrong tracks opening after Advanced Search in Track Central
-Added feeds for Highest Rated in 48 hours to Trials & Skill games to Track Central.

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