Rally Trophy - Patch 1.01

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Rally Trophy - Patch 1.01

Beitrag von 4P|BOT2 » 07.02.2002 11:31

<b>Rally Trophy Patch 1.01</b>


- Input: Deadzone problem on pedals

- Input: Bug in combined axis bone

- Dll: Minor mipmap generation bug

- Some stage infos contained wrong information

- Intro video volume was too high

- Minor translation bugs

- Multiplayer: Broken (interior) windows were not broken after ghostmode

- Alternative seats bug in single rally mode

- Broken drive lights were repaired in replay (expert level)

- Ford escort was intermediate level car in multiplayer mode

- Minor cosmetic changes

- other minor fixes

New features:

- Input: data/settings/input.ini file for custom adjustments (file is in

rallytroph/data/settings -folder)

- More complete highscores

- Average & top speed of stage record is shown in stage infos

- Cheat protection for online gaming

- More nationalities (64 now)

- Possibility to save & view replays

- Possibility to view other players after finishing race (in multiplayer game)

- Possibility to disable co-driver comments

- Possibility to disable visual pace notes

- Possibility to disable lens flares

- Improved physics

- Improved performance and reduced need of system resources

- Encrypted highscores

- Highscores are saved when updated (not only when game exits)

- More commandline parameters for launching online games

- Some cosmetic changes


Hier geht es zum Download: Rally Trophy - Patch 1.01