Massive Assault Network 2 - Multiplayer-Demo v2.0.249

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Massive Assault Network 2 - Multiplayer-Demo v2.0.249

Beitrag von 4P|BOT2 » 16.05.2007 12:32

Aktualisierte Multiplayer-Demo zu <STRONG>Massive Assault Network 2</STRONG> (v249)
Massive Assault Network 2 is an online strategy game featuring sci-fi conflicts on distant planets. The game is based on the legendary Massive Assault series from which it inherits original "Secret Allies" concept, streamlined turn-based gameplay, perfectly-balanced units, state-of-the- art interface and endless replayability.
With this new version players are able to select from both skill-based and experience-based systems, matching the most appropriate opponent for a battle. Thus the newbie players can be content with experience-based system, as for them the ranking reflects their growing experience, which grows with every battle, no matter whether they win or loss; while skill-based system can give the best fit to MAN 2 hardcore players, who are able to evaluate the real skill level now. In addition, the new Demo evolves the Mentoring system aiming to stimulate rookies to learn battle tactics from the strongest players of MAN 2 universe.

Hier geht es zum Download: Massive Assault Network 2 - Multiplayer-Demo v2.0.249