The Legend Of Vraz

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The Legend Of Vraz

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This is Andry from Zatun, a game studio based out of India.

We will be releasing our game “The Legend of Vraz” on Steam in Last week of January 2019. It features hours of fun filled exciting gameplay amidst fantasy worlds created with stunning hand painted 2D art and inhabited by mesmerizing characters.

This game was released for Windows PC in India around 2010 and was available through limited resellers globally. This game is an award-winning action-packed adventure platform game and is a classic mix of Prince of Persia and Mario meets India. It won the Best PC game Award at FICCI frames BAF Awards at Mumbai in 2010 and was featured in various game magazines worldwide.

Game details:

Game Features:

·Exquisite hand painted 2D Art in Indian Miniature Painting style.
·Hours and hours of fun fulfilled exciting gameplay for the entire family.
·15 complete levels divided in 4 distinctive exotic worlds.
·14 unique AI based enemies 5 Weapon Upgrades.
·An incredible soundtrack immersing the player in the game.
·Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or obscene language.

I would really appreciate if you can show this game on your YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please do let me know.

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Re: The Legend Of Vraz

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