Monster Hunter: World - Test

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Re: Monster Hunter: World - Test

Beitrag von Stalkingwolf » 07.10.2018 21:02

also ich bin auch raus. Das ist nichts für mich 20+ Minuten auf einem Gegner herumzukloppen, nachlaufen, herumkloppen, nachlaufen usw.

Also spannend finde ich daran eigentlich gar nichts. Eher einschläfernd.
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Re: Monster Hunter: World - Test

Beitrag von Biedermeyer » 23.12.2018 13:52

Zum Kopierschutz find ich gar nix - das gehoert doch zur Review, oder wird das nicht mehr gemacht?

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Re: Monster Hunter: World - Test

Beitrag von Dr.Bundy » 05.01.2019 18:56

Der Test ist so schlecht, gut, dass es Metacritic gibt. Zum Release ist das Spiel verbuggt und einfach nur scheisse. Es ist sogar heute noch alles andere als 89%, wenn ich mir die Berichte durchlese, höchstens für Konsoleros ein gutes Spiel.

Hier ein richtig gutes Review und das vom 9.12.18, also relativ frisch:
It's a mixed experience for me. I've played most of the 3ds titles and one PS2 title. I have a combined 400 hours of gameplay, so it's safe to say that i'm sort of a fan. MHW on the other hand is a good game, probably the best game in the series. There are a lot of things i like in it, but there are a lot of things i outwardly hate in it. So First, the good.

It's more streamlined, more fair to new players and it doesn't get tedious fast. Tracking a monster is easier than ever, with tracks and tracker flies. The maps are one big area with seamless transitions between segments, meaning no loading screens. Bigger item pouch, divided into two types of crafting materials, meaning more room for items and less grinding. You always have a map and items are marked on it until you are under attack. No more pickaxes, nets and whetstones needed, meaning more space saved. The graphics are great, albeit demanding at times. I use the 360 controller and so far it has been superb. The monsters however familiar, can be surprisingly challenging even to returning players. Also you can turn off most helpful options for a more hardcore experience. All in all a good game as a whole. Not great, but OK.

The Bad, are mostly issues that plague AAA games of late.

Still, it's sort of baffling to me how a company like Capcom can allow itself to skim on servers and server quality leaving millions of paying customers out in the dirt coping with constant server issues.

Camera can be annoying as it doesn't always stay locked on target, and when it does it's mostly at a weird angle where you can't see how the monster is positioned leaving you vulnerable to attack. Constant lock-on, lock-off is sort of tiring. I thought they'd fix this by now.

I'll never understand the need for Denuvo DRM. Isn't there a way you can protect your IP from piracy that doesn't involve installing what is basically a backdoor/spyware to paying customers? Anything is better than this.
So far i've not seen a way to change style.

There is also a myriad of sub-menues and options that make the UI a bit difficult to deal with.

Worst offense though, at least for me is NO WAY TO PAUSE in offline mode. I mean what the hell Capcom? How basic is that feature? Not all of us are soulless robots just pining to play this 24/7, no matter what you've been led to believe.

Like i said before, it's a good game, not without faults. After a while for me, the experience became all too familiar and a tad boring. New players should be fine, but returning players will find very little new things in terms of core gameplay. So, same old grindfest, with a touch of flair here and there.
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